We would like to extend our most heartfelt apologies to all those who are holding tickets for the January 19th event and for keeping you in the dark.

We desperately hoped to make it up to everyone with a re-scheduled date. Unfortunately, we are still facing numerous obstacles in hosting the event.

While we would like nothing more to host this event, we feel it is best to ensure all refunds have been issued and work on hiring more staff to bring you a higher quality of customer service.

We are currently facing multiple legal challenges because of the cancellation from many who feel that we should issue full refunds for hotel and travel expenses.   While we are not in the position to issue full refunds we are willing to make the following concessions:

A full ticket refund for the wizard market and wizard ball

50% of non-refundable hotel stays and travel costs

We’ve created a special fund to issue refunds for the non-refundable hotel stays which will be available starting February 18th, 2019.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. Refund Period: We are currently issuing refunds on a daily basis to all ticketholders. Please check your emails for a refund confirmation.
  2. Refunds will be completed on a first come basis. All Ticketholders will receive full refunds and transaction fees.
  3. Please ensure the information provided is accurate, including your email address. Refunds should be sent to tickets@mugglesandmagic.ca
  4. Please keep a record of your ticket to receive complimentary entrance to a future event.
  5. To claim a portion of your travel and hotel costs, please include a copy of your receipt, address and telephone number along with the email associated with the ticket purchase. Cheques will be mailed starting February 18th.

Please note that we are receiving quite a bit of calls daily. We have received your messages and will be returning your calls.

We’ve worked hard to bring you this event and we promise to work even harder to make it up to each and everyone of you.


The Muggles Team